Announcement : Mr. Mohammed Taher Joined DMG Technologies.

We are pleased to announce the joining of Mr. Mohammed Taher to our company as a board member and digital transformation business lead, Mr. Taher has a various experience over the last thirty years in the field of information technologies, Quality Management, corporate governance as well as strategic planning. During this long time, he did achieve various success stories in different business fields;

  • He did serve in different places within the Oil & Gas sector with many success stories in regard building automated business to bring maximum value to business and business owners as well as decision makers.
  • He joined many projects in both Europe and Africa to implement and deliver various ERP Systems, from Project Management and Critical situation management prospective.
  • He did participate with most reputed international company to manage and direct many public events like PAN All Arab games, Cairo 2007 and Olympic Games Beijing 2008, from business processes and applications manager prospective.
  • He did participate in petroleum sector decision support system building representing natural gas concerns.
  • He did manage various projects to re-structure and innovate many companies especially within the petroleum sector.
  • He did manage many projects for telecom. Companies in the Middle East and Africa regions in regard ERP and CRM systems.
  • He did manage many projects for Oil refineries re-innovation in the Arab Gulf
  • He did manage some projects in the banking sector, in regard full automation.

Mr. Taher Holds  MBA degree along with ITIL Expert and Strategic business Analyst Certificates.