Technology Benefits Vs. Life Threats

Feeling safe is one of the major key issues to ensure people’s independence and social participation, and especially that of old people. Every day we hear in the news talking about different theft cases and acts, which affects the citizens’ satisfaction negatively and leads them towards higher levels of unsafety. However, technology took place in humans’ life to solve many of their issues and more importantly that of security and safety as it packs with it several intelligent solutions that ensure the wellbeing of humans. It goes without saying that the world is full of threats that people may experience in different degrees of danger, such as house breaking, theft, crimes and more of business problems within work such as occupational fraud or what is called “employee theft”. In addition, there exist other safety risks or situations where people may need urgent interventions when no one is there to help them, whether it is for health purposes or any other reason.


Technology, unlike all inventions, is here as a double edged sword that serves humanity. On one hand, it is building a smart future with multiples solution frameworks, on the other hand, it is harming those who choose to use it negatively. A good example of this statement is the way an employer may choose to deal with his/her employees. This last one can use technology tools to enhance communication within the team through a mobile application or virtual sharing spaces, for example, or can use the other edge and adopt it to monitor their work and invade their privacy.
It has become necessary to use it wisely to incorporate safety with higher efficiency. Taking as an example the work place and businesses, each one knows that one of the greatest challenges within the company is employees’ performance and surveillance to create a healthy productive environment, as well as technology can help its users know more about the employees which will facilitate communication and not only improve their productivity but make them satisfied to gain their loyalty.


There exist many risk prevention tools, software systems as well as security advanced tools, thanks to technology, that remain effective and useful to many organizations whether private such as private companies and non-profit organisation, or public used in the governments projects. Generally, and like everything else, technology has as much threats as benefits, but those last ones proved to be convincing enough to make technology present in each and every aspect of human’s daily life. Today, humans’ inventions went further and with the help of technology, many new projects are being thought of and implemented for the satisfaction and wellbeing of humans, and the best example is “Smart Cities”. Equally important, technology not only saves lives but improves them.


To sum all the above up, Technology is the tool that is used to secure people’s privacy and to log their performance and help achieve new goals and targets in businesses and services, as well as it can downsize cost and time and resources.