Technology: Strengths and Weaknesses

Throughout time, technology has proved to become very important in today’s world. It has dominated people’s existence in a way no one realized, and daily, this last one accompanied us from when we open our eyes in the morning to start the day until we close them to rest. Exactly like everything and anything, technology has its bright side as it has its dark one, which is why, this article will take us in a journey of strengths and shortcuts of Technology.
In today’s world, people consider technology as part of their every minute life. As strange as this may sound, technology marks its presence is the person’s life, from the ultrasound machine that checks the baby’s gender, until the hearse that carries their dead body. In other words, it has slowly taken an important role in the human’s life, and surprisingly anything else’s such as animals, plants, etc, to the point that being without it would sound impossible.


Fast forward to the advantages of these inventions, technology remains beneficial to human’s life in several domains, whether it’s medical, educational, or political and the list goes on. As far as the medical level is concerned, this last one remains a major factor in treating peoples’ lives and consequently saving their lives through combating viruses and serious diseases. Not to mention simplifying life of businesses in general and enhancing communication, especially with foreign far countries, because now distance, thanks to technology, is not an obstacle anymore. To picture that, time and money are saved regarding transportation, transactions and all types of exchanges.
Technology has also increased productivity for almost all companies worldwide. If we look at it closely, new things are discovered every day, and let’s take as an example “Smart Cities”, making optimal use of all the information available to better and simplify the life of cities along with optimizing the use of limited resources.


On the other hand, the scary fast evolution of technology has certainly several disadvantages that keeps people worried, especially today’s dependence to it. Today, people no longer need to think because other tools are doing that for them such us calculators, computers, mobile phones, etc. People no longer need to memorize because the machines and devices can record. The major decline of human capital remains an alarming topic to which attention should be seriously directed.


Finally, most technological discoveries focus more on saving time and money as well as human efforts, which implies that more work is done by machines, and that equates to more unemployment. Therefore, the use of technology, without a doubt, needs to be regulated and needs to fall under new laws. Among the means to regulate the behaviour of people in general and companies in particular, consultancy takes place to dictate what is right, when and how to apply it in the most efficient not costly way possible.