DMG in ASU Job Fair

As a useful resource of talent, DMG Technologies took part of the Annual Ain-Shams University Job Fair 2018 that was held by IHUB Innovation Center at the ASU Campus Cairo, Egypt.


DMG Technologies is so concerned with its image and effectiveness, this is why, finding out potential valuable employees and having access to a large pool of candidates in a one stop environment, in one of the best universities in Egypt was of a great benefit to our company. The event gave both parties (Student candidates and employers) the opportunity to meet and cut down time wasted lining up interviews for unqualified candidates. Another advantage was connecting with young talents that were still in the first chapter of their career book.


As Steve Jobs once said: “We are not the best, we are different”, this was exactly the intention of DMG Technologies while participating in this job fair, we wanted creative and different talents, candidates that are ready to learn from, who are hungry to know more and are healthily curious. In other words, for us, hiring the right people is a timely process, it needs the right questions and a healthy dose of curiosity. As far as DMG is concerned, what we think is needed when building a team is Personality, and that, we found it in Ain-Shams University.