DMG in ICEC Exhibition

DMG Technologies had the honor to be part of an event that shaped their experience, as well as their journey. ICEC, Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference 2017, is the region’s leading smart and sustainable cities event held in Fairmont Heliopolis Cairo, Egypt, in which DMG was one of the main exhibition sponsors.


This later not only took part of the event and participated in its success, but also delivered a conceptual booth that was answering important questions, explained what the “Smart City” was about from their point of view, how to implement it and what are the benefits that the citizens may take from it. The booth realized a huge success since it was packing within it valuable information and questions that satisfied the audience’s curiosity in an implicit way. In other words, taking part of this event allowed DMG to mirror their competences and share it with a number of successful businesses.


The two days exhibition and conference brought together 3,000 senior decision makers, and over 5,000 participants that were hungry to know more and discuss different topics related to the field, as well as showcase the latest technologies, sustainable solutions, and products as well as best practices on managing and building the Cities of Tomorrow. Moreover, ICEC allowed DMG to give a valuable speech entitled “Safe. Secure. Smart” that was shedding the light on the Integrated Systems in Smart Cities. This last one attracted the audience’s attention since it gave a detailed explanation that fully satisfied the audience’s curiosity.


DMG Technologies realized a win-win situation from this journey since they enhanced their market positioning, boosted their social network as well as connected with stakeholders and people interested in the same field, whether potential clients or business men.

Always seeking excellence and hungry for more, DMG will not stop expanding their footprints and broadening their book of business and market visibility.